Please note that University Physicians, Inc. is now doing business as University of Colorado Medicine (or "CU Medicine").
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CU Medicine Building FAQs

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For any of these questions or problems, send an email to
  1. It's too hot/cold, who do I call if I with cooling or heating problems?
  2. My Avanti card isn't working or I need a new one who do I call?
  3. The vending machine ate my money and didn't dispense the product what do I do?
  4. Something in the bathroom is isn't working, supplies like paper towels are low or the toilet is overflowing or won't flush, help!
  5. Some part of the building or building equipment is broken, how do I get it fixed?
  6. I have an issue with the parking garage.
  7. My badge isn't working or I forgot it.
  8. There is a spill and it needs to be cleaned, or I need to contact housekeeping.
  9. Pest Control
  10. I need furniture rearranged in the board room.
  11. My chair is broken, or my keyboard tray is falling off.
  12. I would like to know about leasing space in the building.
  13. There is a funny smell or foul odor.
  14. The ice machine is not producing any ice.
  15. The coffee pot is overflowing.
  16. There is a problem with something in the break room / cafeteria.
  17. What is the CU Medicine Building Address?

  18. CU Medicine Mailing Address:

    13199 East Montview Blvd.
    PO Box 111719
    Aurora, CO 80042-1719
    Shipping / Physical Address:
    13199 East Montview Blvd.
    Aurora, CO 80042
    Main CU Medicine Phone: 303-493-7000

Answer: For any of these questions or problems, send an email to
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