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Sites of Practice (SOP) Process

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The purpose of the Sites of Practice (SOP) Committee is to ensure that specialists performing services at an off-site facility are covered by governmental immunity, insured by the University of Colorado Risk Trust and that activity contributes to the CU School of Medicine mission. That SOP requests are in the best interest of SOM, honor our hospital affiliation agreements and clinics are set-up and maintained to comply with governing rules and regulations as well as create effective operations that support quality, billings and collections.
At this time, there are over 625 approved sites of practice.

The Approval Process:
• Download the Sites of Practice Request Form.
   o The completed form must be signed by the Requestor, Division Chief/Section Head, and the Department Chair.
   o Email a signed copy to
• Download the Sites of Practice Process Diagram for specific steps.
• The request will be added to the monthly Sites of Practice agenda which are held the 1st Tuesday of every month.
• The Committee will review and either approve or decline the request.
• If the request is approved, the Committee Chair and the Dean of the School of Medicine will sign the request.
• Once all signatures have been received, an electronic copy of the signed request will be emailed to the Requestor and Department Administrator.
• If the request is declined, the Requestor will be notified of next steps.

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