Please note that University Physicians, Inc. is now doing business as University of Colorado Medicine (or "CU Medicine").
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Information Security Workforce Summary

Created: 05/01/2012 | Updated: 02/23/2017
The Information Security Workforce Summary provides an overview of CU Medicine's security policies as they apply to all CU Medicine employees.

Information privacy and security are prevalent issues in the government, healthcare, public, and private business sectors. Many federal and state regulatory laws have been enacted, and industry leaders in finance, such as VISA and MasterCard, are enforcing ongoing measures to improve the security of individuals' data and protection of privacy.

In accordance with these requirements, it is necessary for University of Colorado Medicine (CU Medicine) to maintain the security of the information that is stored, transmitted, and processed within the organization. The resources contained within this document are intended to provide practical security guidance and instructions for all CU Medicine employees.

Report an Incident: To report a security incident, contact the CU Medicine Help Desk at 303-493-8000, or send an email directly to