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Therapeutic Apheresis and Re-infusion Procedures

Created: 1/1/13 | Updated: 02/26/2015
• Below are the documentation points that are needed in order for the apheresis and re-infusion procedures to be billable. Please keep in mind that the procedures must be documented/dictated by the Attending.

• Documentation points for Apheresis:
– Pt seen today with general supervision of leukopheresis
– Assessed pt
– Access & return pressures are........
– (2 different types of statements could be made here) 1. The interface is stable, buffy coat present, or 2. The interface not stable, no buffy coat visible
– Readings of pump are.....
– Blood volume processed time will be........
– Anticoagulant management is .......(talk about the AC ratio & infusion ratio)
– (If a problem) Hypocalcemia is an issue/present etc..and, inidcate what was done for the problem
– Planned disposition of patient

• Procedure for Re-infusions:
– The physician must document they were present for the procedure and document an assessment(done by physician) of the patient during the procedure which would include monitoring any changes in the patient’s condition. (i.e. shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, or other common complications that may occur.)

Source:  AMA 2011 sent 2012