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New Provider Onboarding

Created: 08/28/2012 | Updated: 04/01/2015
New Provider Onboarding is the process that starts at the first contact with a potential new hire, in which you build and establish engagement early in the hiring process and continues after the traditional orientation programs end. There are important benefits from the successful onboarding of new physician hires. The physician will become financially viable sooner and will contribute to your department in a meaningful way.

The New Provider Process can take months to complete. See the New Provider Timeline
Begin these steps after a faculty letter of offer is generated from the Department:
  1. Complete the Hospital Privileges Request.
  2. Enter the provider into Salesforce.  (For help logging in, Contact Becca Morgan at 303.493.8341)
  3. Begin paperwork for CU Medicine Managed Care.
  4. Submit required documents for CU Medicine Billing Number.
  5. Update the provider's NPI information. This MUST be done prior to their new provider orientation.
  6. Providers who bill clinically schedule and attend a CU Medicine orientation.
  7. Approximately 4 months following CU Medicine orientation, a 10 chart review will be conducted for Ambulatory providers. 
  8. For Epic Assistance or Questions (such as templates, preference lists, charge capture etc) contact CU Medicine Applications Dept at 303.493.7282
Colorado State Licensure Requirements
Under the Michael Skolnik Medical Transparency Act, the State of Colorado has new reporting requirements. You can find a summary of these reporting requirements, access frequently asked questions and find the site to electronically submit your physician profile.

Online Profile
Providers who attend CU Medicine Orientation will automatically receive information on how to complete their online profile.  Visit the Provider Profiles FAQs page for more information.

If you need to create a new Site of Practice SOP see the Sites of Practice Process page.