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Audit, Compliance & Education FAQs

Created:   | Updated: 02/01/2017
1. I have a question related to ICD-10; who do I talk to?
Teri Smith
ACE Manager, Professional Coding & Documentation

2. May I forward my email to a private email account?
See the CU Medicine's Email Encryption Email Policy

3. I have a question related to Coding Services who do I talk to?
Michelle Ramirez
Assoc Director, Coding Services

4. How do I know when and where fellows may moonlight? See Moonlighting Fellows

5. What are common terms used for Coding and Billing?  See Coding and Billing Key Terms

6. Do you have a list of the Specialty and Sub-specialties as recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties? (ABMS)
  See ABMS Specialties.

7. Do you have a list of the specialty codes for the Faculty Practice Solution Center (FPSC)?
See the FPSC Specialty Codes

8. Does CU Medicine have a guideline for Professional Courtesy Discounts?
See the Professional Courtesy Discount Policy.