Please note that University Physicians, Inc. is now doing business as University of Colorado Medicine (or "CU Medicine").
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Hot Links for DFAs

Created: 08/01/2014 | Updated: 02/17/2017

Finance Resources:
AX Self Service Reporting
    - CU Medicine Financial Reporting
    - CU Medicine Accounts Payable System
Department Contracts Listing
    - Lists of department contracts processed through CU Medicine.
Generated AX Financial Reports
    - Instructions for accessing pre-run common financial PDF reports
Procurement Card/JP Morgan
    - CU Medicine procurement card management application

CU Medicine Employee Human Resources:
Dayforce HCM
    - Payroll & Tax, Workforce Management, Self-Service and Recruiting application
Halogen TalentSpace
    - Employee performance management system

Clinical Business Resources - Provider Information:
    - Searchable, public facing website for providers affiliated with the CU School of Medicine
Faculty Information Management System (FIMS)
    - CU School of Medicine System used to update CUdoctors profiles, complete annual reviews, etc.
CU SOM Gateway - New provider orientation materials
    - Provider profile update site
    - Provider credentialing and information database

Clinical Business Resources –Reporting and Analytics:
MyBI / CU Medicine Enterprise Data Warehouse
    - MyBI, Guided Analytics, and AdHoc Discovery (Service Analysis, RVUs, Income Analysis, etc.)
Physician Productivity Reports
    - Instructions for accessing Physician RVU productivity reports
Enterprise Reporting Intake Form
    - Request form for data requests to CU Medicine analytics teams
Service Analysis
    - Instructions for accessing your access database containing RVU, CPT, Charge data for all available dates
CB/AX Data Structure Program Grid
    - View data structure grid
CB/AX Determining Data Structure
     - View process map

Audit, Compliance & Education (Formerly QCAE)
Mission and Goals of the Compliance Office
     - Mission Statement, Values, Duties of the Compliance Office
New Provider Onboarding
    - Instructions and overview of the New Provider Onboarding Process
Provider Updates   
    -Instructions and overview of Provider Updates
Provider Education Sessions (voluntary, upon-request)
    - Overview of Education Sessions provided by ACE
Audit Cycle
    - Overview of the Audit Cycle
Required Annual E/M Training for CU Medicine Providers
     - Details of Annual training requirement
Frequently Asked Questions
     - ACE FAQ's
Federal/State Credentialing Frequently Asked Questions
     - ACE Credentialing FAQ's

Member Practice Agreements:
     - Member
     - Associate
     - Affiliate

  ACE References:
     - ABMS Specialties
     - Coding and Billing Key Terms
     - List of the ACE Coding Directives
     - FPSC Specialty Codes
     -History Clarifications for E/M Visits    
    - Medicare Specialty Codes/Taxonomy Crosswalk

Compliance Hot Topics (ACE)
CU Medicine Copy/Paste Guideline
CU Medicine Copy/Paste, Copy/Forward Guideline
Regulations that Affect Billing Compliance