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Provider Updates and Instructions

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ACE-Credentialing manages the master provider database – known as the provider dictionary. It is very important that all provider updates are sent through Salesforce as soon as they are known. Most updates require DFA approval.There are significant clinical revenue repercussions for not updating provider information with CU Medicine. For example, if a provider’s billing divisions have not been updated when they transfer SOM departments, all revenue will be routed inappropriately. Or if a provider’s name change has not been reported to a carrier, they could deny all charges. Or if the addition of a clinical location has not been added and enrollment not pursued, we could get into timely filing/write-off issues.

Provider Updates that should be made via Salesforce:

Adding/Editing a billing CBI Division

Transfers (
requires an FRF and approval by new and old SOM Departments)
Name Changes (following documents are required showing new legal name)

              Name change document (marriage license or divorce decree)
              Social Security Card
              Driver’s License
              Medical License
              NPI number
              APP’s to provide certification with name change

Provider Terminations
Faculty Rank Changes
Practice Location Changes
Changes to Member Type