Please note that University Physicians, Inc. is now doing business as University of Colorado Medicine (or "CU Medicine").
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The Department of Revenue Services manages all aspects of the back end revenue cycle. The RS teams are responsible for verifying and updating registration information, charge capture workflows, charge reconciliation, coding, scrubbing and submitting insurance claims, crediting payments, managing denials, AR follow-up, contractual payment review, patient billing and customer service, management of bad debt, all related reporting and analysis, as well as maintenance of the CU Medicine Revenue Cycle applications.
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Kim Davis
Senior Director of Revenue Services
Emily Davis
Administrative Assistant
The Accounts Receivable Resolution (ARR) team is responsible for the timely resolution of insurance receivables for services rendered by University of Colorado Medicine providers with comprehensive follow-up and appeals processes. This department utilizes the liaison model to communicate billing and collection trends that affect the bottom line of School of Medicine Departments, Divisions and Sections.
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Kala Mazzadi
Associate Director of Accounts Receivable
Jenny Wempen
Revenue Cycle Manager - Admin
Amanda Varnadore
Revenue Cycle Manager - Admin
Mandy Martinez
Revenue Cycle Manager - Admin
Natalie Taylor
Revenue Cycle Manager
Tanya Gray
Revenue Cycle Manager
The Applications team supports CU Medicine employees using GE Centricity Business, Epic, CAC and Claims Manager. We provide help and information regarding Dictionaries, ETM, Claim Forms, TES/CM Edits, Fee Schedules, Provider workflows, CU Medicine workflows, Charge/ADT interfaces, Training, and much more.
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Brenna Vialpando
Associate Director of Applications
Dana Lawley
Applications Support Manager
Tamara Chartier
Revenue Cycle Integration Manager
Epic Help Line
Available 24hrs / 7days
The Business Operations (Patient Services) team is responsible for preparing a daily deposit for all payments received from patients, insurance carriers and clinics. There are also specialized staff members that are accountable for managing the receivables for pre-paid services, packaged services and other specialized services. The Patient Relations liaison servs as an advocate between patients/family member and all departments in identifying and solving patient problems and disputes. We also serve as the liaison between CU Medicine and outside collection agencies and coordinate all contacts and/or inquiries from the collection agency.
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Michelle Grant
Associate Director of Revenue Operations
Gina Feng
Registration Manager
Jenny Dickerson
Revenue Operations Manager
Dianne Van Vliet
Patient Services Manager
The CU Medicine Coding Services team is dedicated to fulfilling the coding needs of our providers. Our services will help position your staff to document more effectively, code more accurately and, in turn, receive the reimbursements you are due for services rendered.
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Christine Morris
Administrative Operations Coordinator
Anjanette Gilchrist
Coding Services Manager
Donny Flores
Coding Services Manager
Epic Help Line
Available 24hrs / 7days
The Senior Revenue Cycle Analysts are responsible for the proactive management of the billing process and the client relationship, full assessment and understanding of the practice’s revenue cycle, which includes a thorough understanding of systems, process and service specific coding and billing requirements. These Liaisons serve as the key representative between CU Medicine Revenue Services, and the Administrators and providers of all SOM Departments, Divisions and related clinical specialties. The team is responsible for identifying opportunities for revenue cycle improvement initiatives and collaborating with key personnel to develop and execute these plans in order to provide stakeholders with interpretation of standard operational, financial, billing, and budget statistics on a monthly basis.
Berj Ermoyan - Rev Cycle Liaison Manager
Anesthesiology | Orthopedics | Otolaryngology
Patty Ferguson - Sr Rev Cycle Liaison
OBGYN | Pediatrics | Colorado Fetal Care Center Program
Carolina Paez - Sr Revenue Cycle Liaison
Eric Parker - Sr Rev Cycle Liason
Center for Bioengineering | DIMG | Medicine | Neurology | Ophthalmology
Daniel Maher - Rev Cycle Liaison
Physical Medicine & Rehab | Psychiatry | Depression Center | Emergency | College of Nursing | MIBH
Vanessa Dusenberry - Rev Cycle Liaison
Path | Radiology | Joint Program | Radiation Oncology | Derm | BDC | Anschutz Health & Wellness
Training and Development's goals are to positively impact CU Medicine's business, internal and external customers with the following Purpose, Vision, and Mission Statement.

Purpose: To help people by providing quality resources, education and materials in an impactful customer-centric way.

Vision: To become indispensable to the business success of CU Medicine.

Mission Statement: Training and Development will strive to be overly-prepared, provide world class customer service, promote the Patient Experience within the Revenue Cycle, and endeavor for constant improvement in processes, material, and skillsets.

The Training and Development Team

Diane Lawson
Manager of Training and Development
Twyla Rouse
Training and Development Specialist
Veronica Bradley
Coding Training and Development Specialist
Jeremy Boyd
Patient Services Department Trainer